Food for the Future.

Sustainability and environmental protection has been central to our operating philosophy since the early 1990’s and we make continuous improvements to our sustainability programs based on the latest innovations and best practices in the industry.


We perform energy audits on our equipment, and utilize quality, biodegradable packaging made from renewable resources. Our eco-effective systems enable us to convert our waste and raw materials into renewable resources such as biofuel and compost for local farms. We also organize waste management practices to reduce our carbon footprint and procure local and seasonal resources designed to reduce the use of high carbon foods in high manufacturing systems.

We have also achieved sustainability certifications at some of our accounts, becoming the first contract foodservice company in the nation to achieve REAL Certification, which stands for Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership. REAL is a voluntary, points-based nutrition and sustainable best practices certification program modeled after the United States Green Building Council LEED certification program. Additionally, several of our accounts are proud to be Green Restaurant® certified, achieved through the Green Restaurant Association, in an effort to become more environmentally sustainable.

Fair Trade and Fair Wages and Safe Working Environments.

We purchase from vendors that use fair trade practices and that maintain equitable and safe environments for farm and factory workers, both nationally and worldwide.

Local Economy.

We buy local and seasonal farm products and support locally owned businesses and markets. Our menus are designed using organic, humanely and sustainably raised ingredients and we offer hand-made, artisanal products made by local trades. In some of our locations, we offer a special “farmers market” area where our customers can find a variety of local, take-home products. In addition, farm-focused dinners and employee farm visits allow us to further promote the local economy.

Community Involvement.

We partner with and support community organizations and nonprofits by promoting their efforts and working with them on special events and projects. We can also work with our clients within their own sustainability programs (ex. rooftop gardens, composting, educational workshops). In some areas, we are members of local sustainable organizations.

“I am ecstatic with our redesigned cafeteria, your great healthy selections, and your commitment to local, organic, sustainable foods.” – Sandra K.

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