An Emphasis on Good Nutrition.

Great food that’s great for you. Our Registered Dietitians proudly partner with our chefs to provide our customers with delicious and healthful options every day. Our high-quality ingredients and scratch cooking methods allow us to bring-out the amazing flavors of fresh produce and lean proteins making the healthy entrées we offer some of the most attractive options in the café.

We focus on wellness.

Wellness is part of our culture. We guide our customers towards healthful options by identifying healthy menu items and offering nutrition information. Some of our accounts meet the standards necessary to achieve US Healthy Food Council’s REAL certifications. Customers with special dietary needs are welcomed – our staff is happy to make accommodations.

Let us partner with you!

Beyond our café, we offer an array of nutrition education programs because we believe an informed customer is empowered to make healthful, nourishing choices. Our Registered Dietitians provide: monthly newsletters, lunch and learn forums and café education tools. We also partner with onsite wellness and fitness teams to support health fairs and other wellness events.

Behind the scenes.

Our Registered Dietitians communicate nutrition and wellness information to our staff. Whether it’s identifying healthy food options or offering articles on relevant health topics in our newsletters, we work to bring awareness to wellness. By keeping our staff updated, we are able to assist our customers in their health and wellness goals.

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