The Guckenheimer Difference


“I really enjoy watching the chef fire up the wok to make my lunch to order. I can't imagine anything better or fresher than that.” – Shirley C.

Experience the Guckenheimer Difference.

At Guckenheimer, we envision a world where nourishment in the workplace – and beyond – is a way of life.

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles at work lead to better choices and beneficial actions at home, school, or wherever people gather for a meal.

That’s the vision we rally to every day, in workplaces across the nation.

Nourishing Inspiration in Everything We Do.

Our goal is to create an upscale customized dining experience to fit your unique culture by offering healthy, hand-prepared meals for employees and clients to enjoy together in bright and airy environments, sparking collaboration and creativity.

It’s a simple mission, but also, a powerful one.

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