Building the American Dream.

Guckenheimer began with a single sandwich stand in the courtyard of Stanford Medical School. It all started in 1965 when medical student Stewart Ritchie and his nursing student wife Jeanie hit on a novel way to finance Stewart’s education. Dismayed by the bland lunch choices available at the school, they set about offering healthier, tastier alternatives. Students, faculty members and staff loved the fresh and delicious food, the friendly service and their openness to suggestions.

After completing their medical school training, Stewart, now an MD with a surgical internship, and Jeanie with Stanford RN, BS and MA degrees, focused on developing the company as a premium provider of contract foodservices.

Founded on Quality.

The Ritchies’ innovative sandwich business was born into a fertile period in America’s food history. “Health Food” was becoming more important to people, ideas and influences from other countries were starting to filter in, and Americans were beginning to develop more sophisticated palates and a love of fine dining.

Recognizing that America’s passion for diverse, healthy fare was only going to grow, they laid the groundwork to ensure Guckenheimer stayed ahead of the curve as a leader in the good food revolution, creating a benchmark for excellence in the corporate dining sector.

Yet true to their humble beginnings, they also made sure to run their company on what they call “heartpower”; which is to serve our clients and customers in the best possible way: with respect and responsiveness.

“Whenever I need to power through something I head down to your café, grab a bite and get to work. It's a lifesaver!” – Sharon S.

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