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Guckenheimer’s basic principle of menu planning begins with its clients. Our Managers and Chefs are empowered at the site level to adjust menus to reflect regional and site specific preferences. This aspect of our menu process is a unique Guckenheimer policy not common within the field of corporate dining.

“The variety & freshness of the salad bar have been really terrific lately, and adding the grain salads makes it a substantial lunch. I really liked the spicy pickled beets today; my aunt used to make them for holidays (though not as good as these) so they had fond memories as well as being delicious. Thanks!” – Marlene S.

Food for Thought:

Our menus are designed to be nutritionally balanced and feature an exciting variety of today’s most popular styles of healthy eating.

  • Meals are prepared fresh each day “from scratch” and using such nutritional cooking practices as braising, broiling, roasting, steaming and poaching. This philosophy is combined with batch preparation methods to ensure freshness.
  • We adhere to lifestyle appropriate portion sizes.
  • We feature fresh seasonal ingredients and emphasize the use of local, natural and organic food. Authentic recipes are followed to ensure both consistency in flavor and the nutritional content of foods.
  • In order to preserve the freshness, flavor and nutritional value, we roast all of our meats daily for all of our deli bars, entrees and catered events.

Our chefs are constantly on the lookout for food trends that will engage and delight our customers. Guckenheimer offers a variety of menus, ethnic food, seasonal menus, and special occasion food. We do not utilize cycle menus.

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