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Our founder, Dr Stewart Ritchie, wouldn't hear of using mass-produced breads for our sandwiches. He went on a quest for the perfect loaf, and found it at a local Bavarian bakery. The high-quality flour and natural ingredients they used made a better bread which in turn made a better sandwich that was more nutritious and more delicious. Customers noticed. The rest is history. Today Guckenheimer chefs look far beyond Bavaria for their inspiration. The world is their palette.
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News & Features

Guckenheimer’s Success Working with Darden Restaurants

Read Food Management’s recent report about Guckenheimer’s success working with Darden Restaurants, the largest food service company in the world with iconic brands such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Capital Grille. Our operation there has generated high levels of participation and customer satisfaction, one factor in Darden’s landing on Fortune magazine’s 2011 “100 Best Companies to Work For”, making them the first full–service restaurant company to earn such a distinction. Read Food Management’s recent report.

Guckenheimer Serves 14,295 Diners in Slow Food USA $5 Challenge

We responded to the nationwide “$5 Challenge” promotion from Slow Food USA by serving 14,295 customers healthy slow-cooked meals priced at or below $5. The promotion was designed to increase awareness that healthy meal alternatives to fast food can be enjoyed for $5 or less. In addition, as part of a “Feed your Family and Friends Well” promotion, Guckenheimer sold over 1,800 Slow Food Bonus Bags full of seasonal produce, a specially created gourmet menu and recipes, tips and nutrition facts. Read more about the Slow Food USA $5 Challenge

The Truth About Bison

Bison has fewer calories and lower cholesterol than chicken, fish or ostrich. - Bison has 40% more protein than beef so you can eat 1/3 less volume and still come away satisfied. - Bison has much less fat than beef so you can get much more edible meat for your money. - Bison is the only red meat that is non-allergenic. - Bison can be used interchangeably with beef in most recipes so that you can enjoy all your favorite dishes made with a healthier alternative. Here’s a list of other healthy foods we serve

What is a Registered Dietitian?
Registered Dietitian

A Nutritionist is Not a Registered Dietitian. We think the distinction is important. An RD credential requires four-year bachelor degrees in nutrition science or exercise physiology with a nutrition focus. It also requires successful completion of a 12 month dietetic internship program. We believe our “RD” brings a greater level of credibility to Guckenheimer’s Nutrition and Wellness programs. Read more

Guckenheimer Announces New Commissary Kitchen

More exciting news to share as Guckenheimer announces plans for its new million-dollar commissary kitchen! Guckenheimer is expanding its business into new culinary ventures and partnerships with the building of a brand new commissary kitchen in South San Francisco. Read more

Guckenheimer Takes Food Safety Seriously

You choose to eat foods that look fresh and delicious. But all foods – regardless of the way they were produced – need to be handled and stored properly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. At Guckenheimer, we understand the importance of safe food handling practices to the health and safety of our clients. We provide our clients and customers with the assurance that our standards regarding safe food handling are maintained at the highest standards in the restaurant industry. Read moreFood Safety

Matters of the Mind

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could crawl under your desk and take a long mid-afternoon nap, even when you have gotten a good night’s sleep? Feeling stressed and anxious and unable to relax? Are you down and out for no apparent reason? Ever wondered if what you are eating, or not eating could be the cause of your manic moods? It’s definitely a possibility! The foods you eat at breakfast, can strongly predict your mood in the afternoon, just as the foods you eat today can determine how you feel tomorrow; good or bad, energized or tired, even relaxed or anxious. Understanding the link between food and mood can help you make good choices that can keep you overall feeling your best! Read more about our nutrition education offerings

Heavy Chocolate Consumption may be Linked to Heart Health, Study Says

High levels of chocolate consumption might be associated with a one third reduction in the risk of developing heart disease, suggests a recent study published online in the British Medical Journal. This is good news for all of us especially as Valentine’s Day approaches. Love is in the air so we are giving out lots of chocolate! Don’t miss out. We also will be selling bundles of housemade chocolate truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries so there’s no reason you should go home empty handed! Read more about Guckenheimer celebrations

Regional Cuisine Redefined
Regional Cuisines

Guckenheimer chefs are masters at creating dishes that respond to regional tastes while drawing from the latest trends in global cuisine. Our kitchens are a hive of creative collaboration, bringing the best that the world has to offer to the nutritious, delicious food on your plate. This embodies the Guckenheimer motto of nourishing inspiration in the workplace and beyond as a way of life. Read more about how our chefs create delicious menus.

Nourishing Inspiration from the Beginning

Guckenheimer’s first outpost was a sandwich cart in the courtyard of Stanford Medical School. It started in 1963 when Medical student Stewart Ritchie and his nursing student wife Jeanie, dismayed by the lackluster lunch choices, set about to offer a healthier, tastier alternative. Their high quality fare started to draw crowds, and from this small start, Guckenheimer grew to be the 4th largest corporate dining business today. Read more about how Guckenheimer got it’s start

Guckenheimer Creates “Sustainability Council”

At Guckenheimer, sustainability does not end with our food standards. Our grass roots “Sustainability Council” was created by our front-line managers and chefs throughout the country and meets on a regular basis to share new ideas, best practices and practical ways in which the entire Guckenheimer organization can lead our industry in supporting and protecting the environment. We are extremely proud of the fact that our entire Company has embraced our high standards and commitment to sustainability. This commitment allows our program to evolve and keep abreast of the latest innovations and techniques that are available. Read more about our sustainability practices

It’s Party Time!

We will welcome the opportunity to host all of the special functions that you sponsor throughout the year, as well as all other celebrations, parties and meetings. Whether barbecuing baby back ribs for the annual picnic or serving Ballotine de Foie Gras au Truffle for an elegant evening affair, Guckenheimer has the ability to do “Whatever It Takes”! Read more about our catering service

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